First European train journey to Bruges

Have you ever heard of Bruges? May be not! How would you pronounce it? Give it a shot. I was asking everyone in Brussels, where is Bruges(बृगेस)? And everyone gave me a blank face "Hain! 😆", as the actual pronunciation is "Bruche(ब्रूस)".
During my anxious wait  for my first train journey in Europe I met this little cute girl with a teddy bear in her lap, looking for something while eating some sweet dish. I couldn't resist taking picture of her, as I love kids very much. Moreover "Isn't she adorable".

First boarding in a European TrainAfter doing some photography at platform, it was 10:21 am and I boarded the train to Gent-Sint-Pieters as there were no direct trains to Bruges. Train cabin gave the feeling of a luxury aircraft, very comfortable seat and leg room, LED lights and neat and clean washrooms. There is no seat reservation concept in European trains. Sit wherever you want, you can get a seat easily as trains are not much crowded.

Three Jap…

Metro, Tram and Subway Confusion in Brussels

The unplanned day of my Eurotrip Day 2 Europe From Porte Mallot Paris, I boarded Flixbus to Brussels. Flixbus is the cheapest option to travel from one city to another in Europe. It's around 15-25 Euros. Buses usually start on time, so reach the bus at least 15 minutes before your departure. And be ready to present your passport to the driver while boarding. Good thing about Flixbus is getting on-board wifi(300 MB per device) and washroom( I was very happy to know that). You can book a Flixbus ticket from FlixBus or GoEuro website/app.

It took three and a half hour to reach Brussels. Bus dropped me at Gare de Nord station, Brussels around 8.35 pm local time.

At the station I was confused between 2 types of ticket vending machines. I took a risk and randomly chose one machine and took out one ticket and asked local folks, how to reach Schuman where my friend was staying from a year. I faced language issue there but after wasting sometime I met a very kind and helpful guy with his l…

Big Bus Tour in Paris

First step into Schengen regionSo after an overnight journey in Etihad Airbus 388 having a capacity of 415,  I was in CDG Airport Paris. I couldn't believe at that moment that I have covered more than 4000 miles crossing Asia and much of Europe in a flash. I was so amazed by the journey that I couldn't resist myself calling home.

At CDG Airport Paris, you undergo an international check-in. That's the last hiccup you face. It totally depends on them to allow to you proceed further. If they find anything suspicious they might  deport you. So I would advise you to remain calm and answer their queries very confidently.

They asked me few questions like "Do you have hotel reservations and what is the purpose of your visit?" After giving replies very casually, soon my passport got stamped with entry into the Schengen region. I was filled with enthusiasm and excitement and told myself Alas Well Done! Mission accomplished!

With that stamp you can visit 26 countries in EU.

Mumbai to Paris in Etihad Airways

Mumbai Etihad check-in So after fixing the itinerary what's the immediate thing one should do? Shopping! Purchase a bagpack, if you are there for 10 days then 40 litres bag will be sufficient as you would want to travel light. Then what all things should be in your bagpack?  Clothes, Camera, some daily needs and some snacks. Keep less clothing and more undergarments as you might not get place to dry your clothes. I put 4 tshirts, 2 Jeans and 5-6 undergarments. Taking snacks with you will help you cut down your expenses and save your time. Take chocolates (snicker packet) and dry fruits and other Indian snacks if you want to. With bagpack, a handbag becomes handy where you can put your important documents like passport and other identity proofs(atleast have 2 proofs), reservations printout and little snacks.

The bagpack was all set, the departure day came, on that day I worked from home(Pune) for first half and took a bus to Mumbai. My flight was scheduled at 9.35 pm.

It's alwa…

How it all began!

The EuroTrip The BeginningIt all started one night, I was thinking of watching Roland Garros, which was my lifetime dream. I am a tennis aficionado and I am a die hard fan of King of Clay 9 time French Open champion The RAFAEL NADAL. I asked my friend Abhishek a travel blogger and owner of onacheaptrip, that how much courage one should need to go to Paris alone? He was flabbergasted, "PARIS" what man? From where it's coming? I replied that I want to see my ideal Rafa at red soil in Paris, in my mind from 5-6 years. He then understood my emotions, and responded that "Man going solo is a real adventure and from my previous experience I can assure you that you can explore more with your own pace and freedom gives you an immense feeling" . And at that instant I decided to go Paris solo, I was getting goosebumps by just only thinking of it. And the very next day without even thinking much, I opened and searched flights from Mumbai to Paris. And instantl…